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Services and Solutions

Develop both a mobile app and a web page with significantly lower costs and faster time-to-market using Progressive Web Apps (PWA)! Build with a single codebase, deliver an amazing user experience across devices, and boost your ROI. Perfect for businesses and startups. Learn more today!

PWA Technology

PWAs, developed by Google, are a new generation of web applications written with web technologies that offer similar functionality to native mobile apps. They offer similar functionality to native mobile apps. They behave and look like normal web pages. They can work offline, send push notifications and more.

Light and Fast

PWA applications are much lighter than native mobile applications. This means they use less data, load faster, and run smoothly even in poor network conditions.

App Store independent

Users can download the app directly from the browser. Updates happen automatically, so the user does not need to update the app. There is no need to pay platforms like Google or Apple for distribution.

All-in-one development

PWA applications run on all platforms with a single code base. This way, you don’t need to develop different applications for each platform and you don’t need to update your application on each platform separately.

Made to increase conversion rate

Faster loading, offline access, push notifications, easy uploading are all very advantageous. When your visitor stops by your website, they can install immediately. They don’t have to download from the app store and log in.

Using different technologies

Possibility to use javascript frameworks such as NextJS and React with Rails and Turbo Native. It gives the convenience of using it in different solutions.

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